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Bachelor of Science
At a Glance

Unearth your potential in UWG's Geosciences department, which offers students recently renovated laboratories, state-of-the-art environmental and analytical equipment and the chance to work with expert faculty on a variety of independent research projects to be presented at state, regional and national meetings. In fact, our Geosciences majors have won 20 of the last 25 “best paper” awards in the Geology Division of the Georgia Academy of Sciences. With their degree, students are prepared to tackle work in coastline erosion, climate change and mass extinction and the environmental history of our planet.

Why should I choose UWG's Geology program?
  • Small classes; many students do independent study projects supervised by faculty; students present papers on their research at state, regional and national meetings; our students have won 20 of the last 25 “best paper” awards in the Geology Division of the Georgia Academy of Sciences.
  • Most faculty members have research grants, publish in peer-reviewed scientific journals and employ students as research assistants.
  • Faculty have conducted fieldwork on every continent except Antarctica. We have more than $1.5 million in active grants and contracts.
  • The department won the first Regents Teaching Excellence Award in 1997 and is the only department at UWG so recognized.
What can I do after graduation, graduate school and job-wise?
  • Careers
    • Employment opportunities in Geology are strong in the environmental consulting business fields.
  • Further Education
    • Over the past 30 years we have sent graduates to 44 different graduate schools. In the past three years graduates have accepted teaching assistantships at the University of Tennessee, University of Georgia, University of South Carolina, Baylor University and Auburn University.
What kind of student organizations, clubs or honorary societies can I join?
  • The students are organized into a Geosciences Club that this year held the 36th annual pig roast for students, alumni and friends of the department. The event averages about 100 attendees.
What kind of facilities and equipment will be made available to me?
  • Geosciences occupies the Callaway and Geography Buildings which have recently-renovated wet chemical labs, a newly renovated GIS lab and multimedia lecture halls. We have state of the art computing facilities, X-ray diffraction, ICP - AA, environmental SEM and ion chromatograph analytical equipment.
Does the faculty specialize in certain areas?
  • Faculty members have a broad range of geological expertise: damage to coast lines caused by hurricanes, watershed assessment, groundwater movement in crystalline rocks, the makeup of the planet 1,000,000,000 years ago, and understanding how ecosystems rebound from mass extinction. Some are active consulting geologists while others seek to understand more theoretical questions.