Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • Jewell Miles Burson Fellowships in German (Study Abroad)
  • D.C. Henegar Fellowship (Study Abroad)
  • Stars Fellowships
  • Ken Sapp Award
  • Watson Award


Bachelor of Arts
At a Glance

One of the best ways to make your liberal education count around the world is to study in our Foreign Languages department, which offers majors in French, Spanish and German. The classes are capped at 25 students and taught in the target language, so students really immerse themselves in all aspects of a foreign culture. The department also offers events in film and literature and study abroad programs in France, Costa Rica and Germany. Graduates have special opportunities for fellowships, as well as advanced programs in international business, governmental agencies and teaching. The world is truly your oyster!

Why should I choose UWG's German program?
  • Intimate class size ensures personal attention and the development of tight-knit learning communities.
  • Frequent opportunities to practice the language outside of the classroom.
  • Weekly meetings for coffee, cookies and chats in German (Kaffeestunde), German-speaking dinners (Stammtisch) and a German film series allow students and faculty to break from classroom lessons without interrupting the learning process.
Are there any special opportunities available?
  • Total Immersion Weekend: Each Spring in April we spend a weekend together at John Tanner State park, cooking German meals, speaking German, watching German films and living in German.
  • We offer a 10-week Study Abroad in Oldenburg, Germany at the Carl von Ossietzky University.  Students are integrated into the German university system, and their presence in Oldenburg means that Oldenburg students can study here at UWG, thus internationalizing our own campus as well.
  • Internships in German companies are available through the International Education Cooperative.
What can I do after graduation, graduate school and job-wise?
  • Careers
    • Teaching, working in a German company, translating for law firms, going to law school, medical school, graduate school in German, working in media, travel industries.
    • Germany invests heavily in the U.S. Our graduates have worked with Lufthansa, the German American Chamber of Commerce, Thyssen-Krupp and Disney.  BMW, Bosch, etc. all want their employees to have competence in German.
  • Further Education
    • German is held in high esteem worldwide as a dominant language of scholarship.  It improves your chances of being admitted to prestigious graduate and professional programs.
What kind of student organizations, clubs or honorary societies can I join?
  • German Club
  • Phi Sigma Iota
What kind of facilities and equipment will be made available to me?
  • Language lab
  • Learn all the usual computer skills while learning German: word, PowerPoint, DreamWeaver, publisher, etc.
Does the faculty specialize in certain areas?
  • 18th and 20th century literature, film and literary theory
  • 19th and 20th century literature, film, Jewish studies, gender studies and feminist theory
  • Post-war literature and film, gender studies and queer theory, intercultural and minority studies