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Bachelor of Arts
At a Glance

If you've got a head for matters of the head – and of the heart and the mind – UWG’s Psychology track could be the right choice. As only one of two state programs in the country with a human science emphasis, the Psychology Department offers students the chance to perform research with faculty, experience graduate level courses and participate in internships in local schools and hospitals, mental health clinics and community outreach programs. The faculty specializes in everything from dream research to sports psychology to cross-cultural issues, which means every student gets the chance to prepare their minds for life.

Why should I choose UWG's Psychology program?
  • Applies an integrated approach to psychology.
  • Accredited by the Council for Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology (CHTP)
  • One of two programs in United States with a human science emphasis in a state university.
  • The Psychology Department attracts faculty and students from across the nation and around the globe, and has hosted national and international conferences.
  • World-class faculty
Are there any special opportunities available?
  • Working with faculty on research projects
  • Practicum and internship possibilities
  • Independent course study option
  • Wide range of major courses to choose from
  • Annual student psychology conference
  • Horizon seminar courses on innovative topics
What can I do after graduation, graduate school and job-wise?
  • Careers
    • Through internships and supporting coursework, students may apply their learning in local schools and hospitals, mental health clinics, community outreach programs and other human-services settings. Thus, students prepare themselves for graduate study or for service in a wide range of professional careers.
  • Further Education
    • Opportunity to experience graduate level courses and interest with graduate students. Advisement for graduate and professional school.
What kind of student organizations, clubs or honorary societies can I join?
  • Psychology Club
  • Psi Chi National Honor Society
What kind of facilities and equipment will be made available to me?
  • Computing available throughout university.
  • The Ingram Library at UWG houses three collections of particular interest to psychology majors: the Hooks Library of Psychical Studies, the Sidney M. Jourard Collection and the Edith Weisskopf-Joelson Collection.
  • Biofeedback Laboratory available for student use.
Does the faculty specialize in certain areas?
  • Faculty serve on local, national and international Psychology Editorial and Leadership Boards.
  • Interests include: Human science research, dream research, creativity, gender studies, developmental, transpersonal, clinical, Buddhist psychology, spiritual psychology, philosophical psychology, psychotherapy, educational transformation, cross-cultural, theoretical, mind/body, LaCanian psychoanalysis.