Educational Technology and Foundations

Media and Instructional Technology

Master of Education, Specialist in Education; initial and add-on certification in School Library Media

Concentration: School Library Medial Instructional Technology

Program Strengths
  • One of the few in the region that delivers its program through online distance education technologies.
  • The media specialist program is designed to prepare school library media specialists at the graduate level. Students are provided with educational experiences to prepare them to work in P-12 settings as information providers, instructional consultants, teachers and collaborative leaders in integrating learning and information literacy skills into the curriculum.
  • Students acquire skills that are necessary to design and deliver and effective school library media program as well and use formative and summative evaluation to determine program effectiveness.
  • Media specialist certification available.
  • The focus is on developing skills that are essential to effective information technology planning, delivery of instruction, problem solving and making use of formative and summative data for technology decisions.
  • The instructional technology program is designed to prepare instructional technology specialists to work in a P-12 school setting as instructional technologists.
  • The instructional technology program provides advanced preparation for school library media specialists, instructional technology coordinators and teachers seeking to gain additional skills in instructional technology for integration in the P-12 classroom.
Special Opportunities
  • The school library media M.Ed. and certification programs are offered online with minimal (1-3) campus visits per course.
  • The school library media Ed.S. and instructional technology M.Ed. and Ed.S. programs are offered online with 0-1 campus sessions per course.
  • Students are provided with field experiences designed to give holistic exposure to excellent school library media programs.
Job Opportunities
  • IT graduates with prior P-12 certification are qualified to work in a variety of educational settings as technology specialists and/or coordinators. School library media graduates are qualified to work in a variety of educational settings as school library media specialists.  
  • Kappa Delta Phi  
  • The program is offered online with limited face-to-face meetings.
  • Distance education technologies.
  • Access to PC and Macintosh labs that offer tools for multimedia, Web and video development.
  • Students are also eligible for copies of the latest Microsoft Office Applications and Operating Systems for use in their degree program.  
Faculty Specialties/Interests
  • Development of media center standards
  • Use of Web 2.0 technologies in media centers
  • Distance education technologies including WebCT Vista, Blackboard and Moodle.
  • Web page design, video production, distance education pedagogy and online research.
  • Website accessibility, online training development, motivation in online environments and accreditation standards for school library media programs. 
  • Faculty members are student centered and meet student needs whether on or off campus.
  • Public school teaching, Georgia Department of Education, focused development in Curriculum and Instruction, and in-depth technology expertise.