Middle Grades Education

Master of Education
Program Strengths
  • The College of Education is SACS and NCATE accredited.
  • Classes are generally under 20 students providing for lots of personal interaction among students and with faculty.
  • Middle grades program is led by professionals in the field who have experience in the K-12 classroom, as well as experience at the college level.
  • The specialist program provides an opportunity for teachers to specialize in some specific area of interest, e.g., accountability issues, technology in the classroom.
  • Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Science certification available.
Special Opportunities
  • Students in the math, science and language arts fields are eligible for the Hope scholarship. The education courses for this major are taught in Newnan as well as Carrollton. Many of the courses are partially, or wholly, online.
  • There is great choice in deciding which faculty will assist in the research component of the student’s program. Students may choose from the entire faculty of the College of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences.
Job Opportunities
  • Our students are primarily in teaching positions already and are returning to the university to further their education.
  • The education facilities of the College of Education have recently been remodeled, creating a pleasant ambience for classes.
  • Technology is used in every aspect of the program, from online classes to the enhancement of face-to-face teaching.
Faculty Specialties/Interests
  • Differentiated instruction strategies, multiple literacies and maximizing technology in the teaching of students.
  • The faculty work in the undergraduate programs and supervise students in many area schools.
  • All faculty have years of experience in the K-12 setting, as well as experience in higher education.