• The Humanistic Psychology Award is made annually by faculty in the Department of Psychology to a full-time graduate student majoring in Psychology.
  • The Mike Arons Scholarship Award is presented to an outstanding graduate student.


Master of Arts & Doctoral Program for Consciousness and Society
Program Strengths
  • Accredited by the Council for Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology (CHTP).
  • One of two programs in United States with a human science emphasis in a state university.
  • The Psychology Department attracts faculty and students from across the nation and around the globe and has hosted national and international conferences.
  • The largest Master’s Program in Psychology in Georgia.
  • Forty-year history of sustaining the Humanistic approach in Psychology.


Special Opportunities
  • Graduate Assistantships provide financial assistance along with the opportunity to work closely with faculty on research projects.
  • Practicum and internship possibilities.
  • Alumni fund for Human Science Research provides support for student research.
  • Our holistic approach is consonant with innovative community programs currently being implemented in Georgia that look at the whole community rather than isolate a program.
  • The Department of Psychology has strong links with the Georgia Institute of Technology. We have established intensive and ongoing involvement with an externally funded, multidisciplinary research group there that uses qualitative methodologies to study learning and science.


Job Opportunities
  • Through internships and supporting coursework, students may apply their learning in local schools and hospitals, mental health clinics, community outreach programs and other human-services settings. Thus, students prepare themselves for service in a wide range of professional careers.


  • Psychology Club
  • Psi Chi National Honor Society


  • Computing available throughout university.
  • The Ingram Library at UWG houses three collections of particular interest to psychology majors: The Hooks Library of Psychical Studies, The Sidney M. Jourard Collection and the Edith Weisskopf-Joelson Collection.


Faculty Specialties/Interests
  • Phenomenology of consciousness, human development and potentiality and the historical and philosophical foundations of psychology
  • Development of human symbolic capacities, psychological responses to myth, symbol and literature; children's drawing and artwork; adult symbolism
  • Psychology of teaching, being inspired, phenomenology, existentialism, rethinking the meaning of academic intellectuality in humanistic terms; the significance of living in a postmodern, technological world; decadence
  • Consciousness, educational transformation and renewal, psychotherapy, spirituality, the wisdom traditions and ways of knowing that could be described as contemplative, intuitive, creative or empathic
  • Western philosophical tradition; analysis of human consciousness or spirit to elaborate the psychology of spirituality or transpersonal psychology
  • The fundamentals of psychology as they apply to psychotherapy and assessment
  • Philosophy of science, gender studies, social construction, race relations and Lacanian psychoanalysis
  • Historical and philosophical approaches to psychological studies; questions relating to epistemology and methodology as they interface with classical and contemporary accounts of human cognition and the philosophy of science
  • Models and methods of personal transformation; Buddhist psychology, midlife bereavement and cross-cultural studies
  • Psychology of the mind and body, dreams, martial arts
  • Biofeedback/ Neurofeedback, and psychotherapy
  • Critical thinking about psychology, the assumptions and implications of evolutionary psychology and the meaning and possibility of altruism
  • Deepening the understanding of human suffering and healing, particularly in relation to existential, mytho-poetic and artistic forms of therapy