Mission Statement

The mission of the University of West Georgia (UWG) is to enable students, faculty, and staff to realize their full potential through academic engagement, supportive services, professional development, and a caring, student-centered community. UWG is committed to academic excellence and to community engagement, offering high-quality undergraduate, graduate, and community programs on-campus, off-campus, and online.


The University, a charter member of the University System of Georgia, is a comprehensive, residential institution providing selectively focused undergraduate and graduate education primarily to the people of West Georgia. The University is also committed to regional outreach through a collaborative network of external degree centers, course offerings at off campus sites and an extensive program of continuing education for personal and professional development. Opportunities for intellectual and personal development are provided through quality teaching, scholarly inquiry, creative endeavor, and service for the public good.

Essential Activities

West Georgia educates students in a range of disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and professional programs at the baccalaureate level. It also offers a significant number of graduate programs at the master’s and educational specialist’s levels. The University has a commitment to education at the doctoral level in the field of education as well as other selected areas. In addition to being accredited as an institute of higher education, the University maintains national accreditation or recognition in most undergraduate and graduate fields of specialization.

The University of West Georgia pursues its purpose through the following activities:

- Instruction in general education and the promotion of life-long learning that together lay the foundations of what is essential to being an educated person.

- Faculty-directed student research and professional activities that complement classroom learning through learning by doing and reflection on doing.

- Faculty research, scholarship, and creative endeavors that promote knowledge, enhance professional development, contribute to quality instruction, and provide for significant student involvement and field based experience.

- Educational opportunities such as the Honors College and, for extraordinary high school-aged students, the Advanced Academy of Georgia that serve the needs of exceptionally prepared students.

- Systematic investigation of teaching and student learning that fosters innovation in teacher, professional, and pre-professional preparation.

- The use and exploration of existing and emerging technologies that improve opportunities for faculty and student learning.

- A broad range of public service activities and proactive partnerships that: promote more effective utilization of human and natural resources; contribute to economic, social and technical development; and enhance the quality of life within the University’s scope of influence.

- Student services, including outstanding first-year experiences, which increase opportunities for academic success and personal development and enhance the climate of campus life.


The University of West Georgia values the following:

- High-quality general education, undergraduate and graduate programs, that:

1) Are grounded in a strong liberal arts curriculum;

2) Impart broad knowledge and foster critical understanding needed for intellectual growth, personal and social responsibility, cultural and global literacy and lifelong learning;

3) Emphasize disciplinary rigor;

4) Foster the development of effectiveness in communication, critical and independent thinking, problem solving, and the use of information resources and technology; and

5) Create a learning community dedicated to instructional excellence where close student faculty interaction enhances both teaching and learning for a diverse and academically well-prepared student body.

- Cultivation of a personal environment.

- Affirmation of the equal dignity of each person by valuing cultural, ethnic, racial, and gender diversity in students, faculty, and staff.

- Practices that embody the ideals of an open democratic society and that cultivate an environment of collegiality.

These commitments culminate in educational experiences that foster the development of thoughtful and productive leaders and citizens who make a positive impact throughout an increasingly global society.