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Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Policy

All students and employees are encouraged to report any sexual harassment that they experience, observe, hear about, or believe may be occurring, to any faculty or staff member with whom they feel comfortable.  Any person to whom sexual harassment has been reported is responsible for notifying the Title IX Coordinator.  Administrators, directors, and supervisors, in charge of staff members, have a legal obligation to report incidents of sexual harassment to the Title IX Coordinator.  From that point forward, the Title IX Coordinator or designee will advise the aggrieved regarding additional steps in the grievance process.

The following offices should be understood to be safe places where students and employees can go to report sexual harassment or receive counseling on how to deal with a sexual harassment issue.

Stephanie Rooks
Director of Human Resources

Ms. Trish Causey
Assistant Dean of Students

Leslie Cottrell, MD
Director of Health Services