Black Men Encouraging Success Today

The purpose of BEST is to encourage the retention, progression, and graduation of African American males at the University of West Georgia. The members of BEST are united in the belief that they will succeed despite all obstacles. BEST works to improve the chances of success for Black men (and others who desire to join with them) on the university level by encouraging success in the education process, sharing collective life experiences, imparting on a system of values and ethics, and exposing its members to the world beyond the University of West Georgia and their home communities. BEST members are active in community service and outreach programs; sponsor and participate in campus wide events geared towards increasing chances of being successful in life; sponsor and participate in leadership and mentoring seminars; hold study sessions; and sponsor and participate in social gatherings. BEST members are dedicated to being the BEST they can be.

Motto: Success Despite All Obstacles

Christopher Foster - President



Black Men with Initiative

Black Men with Initiative (BMWI) is dedicated to developing a 21st century generation of leaders. This mission starts with young African-American men, particularly those who demonstrate the potential to comprehend and apply the fundamental principles needed by leaders, as well as those, who by virtue of their age and education, are often looked upon as role models. Thus, members of BMWI seek to equip African-American men with vital leadership and success skills. To this end, members of BMWI, taking advantage of faculty and other resources, are instructed in parliamentary procedures, conflict resolution, models of leadership, public speaking, community and civic engagement, cultural and spiritual enlightenment, and educational enhancement skills.


Motto: Greatness is an endless journey...Shun not the struggle.  

Ronnoy Waysome - President