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Finance Graduate Courses

(All courses carry three hours credit unless otherwise noted.)

FINC 5571 Derivative Markets
Prerequisite: FINC 3511 or equivalent

An in-depth study of options and futures markets. Topics will include the institutional structure of options and futures markets, pricing models, and hedging techniques.

FINC 6521 International Finance
Prerequisite: FINC 3511 or equivalent

Topics include foreign exchange market, exchange rates, balance of payments analysis and adjustment process, financing of institutions, monetary relations and reform, gold, the dollar, devaluation, and SDRs. Cross listed with ECON 6461.

FINC 6532 Finance
Prerequisite: FINC 3511 or equivalent

A study of the major financial tools and techniques through problem solving and case studies.

FINC 6542 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
Prerequisite: FINC 3511 or equivalent

Study of securities markets and security analysis for portfolio planning.

FINC 6561 International Management of Financial Institutions
Prerequisite: FINC 3511 or equivalent

Designed as a study of the financial management of financial institutions with emphasis on international aspects.

FINC 6585 Special Problems in Finance var. 1-3
Prerequisite: Completion of the MBA core

In-depth, supervised, individual study of one or more current problems of the finance profession.

FINC 6586 Internship var. 1-3
Practical finance internship experience with a commercial firm or organization for selected students.