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Foundation-Level Courses

Course/Catalog Descriptions

* each course carries three (3) credit hours

ACCT 2101 - Principles of Accounting I
A study of the underlying theory and application of financial accounting concepts. Requires overall GPA of 2.0.

ACCT 2102 - Principles of Accounting II
Prerequisite: ACCT 2101
A study of underlying theory and application of managerial accounting concepts. Requires overall GPA of  2.0.

BUSA 2106 - Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
An introduction to the legal, regulatory, and ethical environment of business, considering the interrelationship and impact of political, social, cultural, environmental, technological, international, and diversity issues. Requires overall GPA of 2.0.

ECON 2105 Principles of Macroeconomics
A study of the economy as a whole including production, economic fluctuations, inflation, unemployment, public policy, and international economics. Requires overall GPA of 2.0.
ECON 2106 Principles of Microeconomics
A study of the individual elements of an economy, including demand, supply, price, firms, production, costs, profits, market structures, income determination and international trade. Requires overall GPA of 2.0.

Upper Division Courses

CISM 3330 Management of Information Systems
Prerequisite: CISM 2201
This course introduces students to the study of organizations as systems supported by information processing. Students will be able to distinguish needs for information at different levels in organizations. They will be able to evaluate information system decisions. They will analyze business information problems using formal methods.

ECON 3402 Statistics for Business I
Prerequisite: MATH 1111 or MATH 1113 and CISM 2201
Course emphasis is on applications of statistics in business. Topics include methods of presenting data, numerical measures and correlation, probability theory and probability distributions, sampling distributions, estimation, and hypothesis testing.

FINC 3511 Corporate Finance
Prerequisite: ACCT 2101 
Financial functions in the modern corporation with emphasis on its managerial aspects.

MGNT 3600 Management
Prerequisite: BUSA 2106
A study of the basic concepts and processes of management. The course includes the study of legal, social political environment with specific emphasis on the behavioral perspectives in organizations.

MKTG 3803 Principles of Marketing
Study of marketing policies and practices in the flow of goods and services to the customer/consumer.