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MPAcc Learning Goals and Objectives

Graduates of the RCOB's MPAcc program will be able to:



Communicate at a professional level in oral presentations and in writing.
LO1.1  Students will be able to conduct research relevant to accounting issues and problems.
LO1.2  Students will be able to create effective written documents.
LO1.3  Students will be able to prepare and deliver effective oral accounting presentations.



Identify how globalization affects organizations and their environment.
LO2.1  Students will be able to identify the impact of international accounting Standards on the accounting profession.



Recognize the importance of ethical dcision making.
LO3.1  Students will be able to identify ethical theories and concepts and their importance.
LO3.2  Students will be able to evaluate situations from various ethical frameworks.
 LG4 Understand the major forms of accounting and be able to apply these principles and practices in a professionally responsible manner to accounting and business processes and systems.

Revised September 17, 2010