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Course Syllabi

ACCT-2101 Principles of Accounting I
ACCT-2102 Principles of Accounting II
ACCT-3212 Financial Reporting I
ACCT-3213 Financial Reporting II
ACCT-3214 Financial Reporting III
ACCT-3232 Managerial Accounting
ACCT-3241 Fraud Examination
ACCT-3251 Income Tax Accounting for Individuals
ACCT-3285 Professional Seminar
ACCT-4202 Financial Statement Analysis
ACCT-4215 Financial Reporting IV
ACCT-4233 Strategic Cost Management
ACCT-4241 Accounting Information Systems
ACCT-4252 Income Tax Accounting for Organizations
ACCT-4261 Auditing
ACCT-4262 Assurance Services, Fraud and Ethics
ACCT-4285 Special Problems in Accounting
ACCT-4286 Business Internship (Accounting)
ACCT-6216 Seminar in Financial Reporting
ACCT-6232 Managerial Accounting
ACCT-6233 Seminar in Cost Accounting
ACCT-6253 Seminar in Tax Accounting
ACCT-6263 Seminar in Auditing
ACCT-6264 Nonprofit Accounting and Auditing
ACCT-6285 Special Problems in Accounting
ACCT-6286 Internship
FINC-3501 Personal Financial Management
FINC-3511 Corporate Finance
FINC-4521 International Finance
FINC-4531 Intermediate Corporate Finance
FINC-4532 Problems in Corporate Finance
FINC-4541 Investment Analysis
FINC-4542 Portfolio Management
FINC-4561 Bank Management
FINC-4571 Derivative Markets
FINC-6532 Finance
FINC-6542 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
FINC-6561 International Management of Financial Institutions
WMBA-6060 Managerial Finance