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American Democracy Project

The American Democracy Project at the University of West Georgia promotes civic engagements for the students, faculty and staff of the university community. It has three main goals: to encourage community/campus involvement; to facilitate student participation and interest in government; and to create greater awareness of issues impacting wsetern Georgia community.


The UWG American Democracy Project is under the supervision of the UWG Thomas Murphy Center for Public Service and utilizes the resources of the UWG Department of Political Science.

The American Democracy Project engages in such activities as: voter registration drives; a campus distinguished speaker program; student voluntary participation in campus/community programs; student trips to the state capitol, and many other worthwhile activities. Each activity serves the common purpose of promoting greater student participation in the American democratic system.

The American Democracy Project  (ADP) webpage provides links to external sources of information such as the Gallup Organization and New York Times. The ADP encourages students to speak out on issues that are important to them and participate in campus-sponsored activities. The ADP with the Murphy Center for Public Service collaborates with the UWG Georgia Political Heritage Program, the UWG Center for Public History, and the UWG EXCEL Center in sponsoring events.