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Advising Center

Academic advising is a critical component of the educational experience. In line with the philosophy of the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA), the academic advisement program empowers students to take charge of their educational careers through a collaborative relationship between advisor and student. Toward this end, students learn to develop and implement sound educational plans that are consistent with their personal values and career goals.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Advising Center is to support students in their path to graduation via delivering information about advising and registration, providing appropriate course recommendations to keep students on track, and teaching students to use the tools for self-advisement the University of West Georgia offers. Additionally, the Advising Center’s goal is to shorten the time to degree in accordance with UWG’s Complete College Georgia Strategy 14 (available on the Student Affairs & Enrollment Management website) by actively monitoring the degree progress of its students and intervening for students who are off track for graduating in four to six years.

Who is My Advisor?


  • Biology major with fewer than 30 credit hours
  • Criminology major with fewer than 45 credit hours
  • Mass Communications major with fewer than 45 credit hours
  • Pre-Nursing major last name L-Z
  • Pre-Psychology major with fewer than 60 credit hours
  • Sociology major with fewer than 40 credit hours
  • Undeclared major


College of Arts & Humanities: See a faculty member in your major department (Art, English, Foreign Languages & Literatures, History, Music, Philosophy, Theatre).

College of Social Sciences:  See a faculty member in your major department (Anthropology, Criminology >45 credits, Mass Communications >45 credits, Political Science, Pre-Psychology >60 credits, Sociology >39 credits).

College of Science & Mathematics: See a faculty member in your major department (Biology >30 credits, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geosciences, Mathematics, Physics)

Richards College of Business: Make your appointment online through the RCOB website.

College of Education: Make your appointment online through the Education website.

Honors College: Email the Honors College: to make an appointment.

Tanner Health System School of Nursing: Make your appointment online through the School of Nursing website for All BSN and RN-BSN students and Pre-Nursing majors last name A-J.

Colleges and Schools

Schedule An Advising Appointment

If your advisor is in the Advising Center, you can schedule your advising appointment online using GradesFirst. You can also call (678-839-5342) to schedule your appointment. 

You can log into GradesFirst by going through myUWG. Click the External Resources tab in myUWG, the click the GradesFirst link. You can click the Get Advising button on your GradesFirst homescreen, then follow the directions in the GradesFirst tutorial

Walk-in times are also available in the Advising Center! There is no walk-in advising from 12p-1p.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
 Mass Communications
 (<45 hours)
830a-12p, 1p-430p

830a-12p, 1p-430p
(<30 hours)
8a-12p, 1p-4p
(<45 hours)
830a-12p, 1p-430p

(<60 hours)
830a-12p, 1p-430p

(<40 hours) 
830a-12p, 1p-430p
(last names K-Z)
830a-12p, 1p-430p

How Can I See What Courses to Take for My Degree?

Start with Wolf Watch, our web-based tool designed to help students and advisors monitor students' progression toward degree completion. Wolf Watch tracks degree progress, prepares for registration, and plans for graduation.


Click here to view an online tutorial on how to interpret your degree audit or Click here to obtain a PDF version of the overview. Additionally, you can always ask your advisor to help you learn your way around in Wolf Watch.

Where Do I See What Classes are Offered?

Use Wolf Watch by clicking on a class or visit the Class Bulletin (usually updated in October and March each year). Click here to view an online tutorial on how to use the Class Bulletin.

When Can I Register?

See the Registration Schedule to find your date to register! The Registration Schedule usually publishes by October and March each year.

How Do I Register?

Registration takes place in your myUWG account under the Banweb tab. Click here to view and online tutorial on how to register.

How Do I View/Pay My Balance?

View your bill on your Banweb account by looking at the Financial Aid Breakdown Bill - not the Account Summary by Term. 

Payment of Tuition, Fees, and Charges

Transient Permission

Are you interested in taking a class at another institution while you are still seeking a degree at UWG? That is called transient permission. Transient Permission Forms can take 5-10 business days to complete. You can get transient permission by completing the following steps:

  1. Complete a Transient Permission Form for each course you would like to take at the other school. Each course must be on a separate form.
  2. Contact your advisor to set up an appointment to have them review your form and sign it. 
  3. Take the form signed by your advisor to the department of the course you want to take at the other school. For example, if you want to take ENGL 1102 at a school closer to home over the summer,  you would take the form to the English Department at UWG. You will need to have the chair of the department sign the form. This may mean that you leave the form with the Departmental Assistant and come back and pick it up at a later time.
  4. Once you have signatures from your advisor and the department chair, you need one final signature. You must take the form to your major college or school and get the Dean's signature as well. For example, if you are a Biology major, you would need to get the Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics signature to complete your form.
  5. Make 3 copies of the completed form. Take a copy to each of the following places:
    1. Registrar's Office
    2. Financial Aid Office
    3. Keep a copy for yourself!
  6. Take the signed original form(s) to the school where you wish to take the class(es) along with any other paperwork they require to process your transient application.