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HELP! I don't have a clue!

Sometimes, you just need some help figuring out what you want to major in. It can be a scary thing making decisions that you think will affect the rest of your life. Don't worry! There are plenty of places on campus you can go to for help.

FOCUS, an online, interactive computer program, is available in the EXCEL Center, the Student Development Center, and Career Services. FOCUS uses your responses to a variety of inventories to find the majors and careers that are right for you. This is a comprehensive program with a lot of valuable information about specific jobs. All you need to do is set aside some time to work at the computer. You can even do it at home, on your own time and then come in and talk with someone to review your results.

A Career/Major Exploration Resource area has been set up in the EXCEL Center's Advising Center (UCC 209). There are many books available for you to explore such as What Can You Do With Your Major, What to Study: 101 Fields In A Flash, 100 Best Careers for the 21st Century, and Major Decisions: A Guide to College Majors. Come by and take a look.

Career Counseling is available in Student Development. Career counseling is a structured way to explore careers that fit your unique personality and interests. You will learn a lot about yourself and potential careers. For a fee of $15.00, you will be given the Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers- Briggs Personality Type Indicator. A counselor will meet with you when the results come in and you will be on your way. To make an appointment in Student Development for career counseling, call 770-836-6428. Surfing the net is another great way to explore careers. The EXCEL Center has many sites book marked in our computer lab. If you can't get to the lab, here are some interesting sites for you to visit.


This site offers a self assessment tool that measures aspects of your personality. This information can help you during the career exploration process.


This kit links academic majors to career alternatives.


Choose a degree program in the bottom right box to find out more information about each major.

Career Services on campus can help answer any questions you may have about a particular career that interests you.


This is a comprehensive site which provides you with valuable information on occupations. Information such as Nature of the work, salary, growth potential, and likes dislikes.


This site provides various resources regarding your career.

Finally, your professors are a great source of knowledge!
If you take a class and really like it, you should talk to the professor about the degree program and what you could do with it. Your professors are always happy to talk with students who are interested in their field of study.