Academic Advising Home at The University of West Georgia

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How to Register

Click HERE for video tutorial.
  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Click on the BanWen tab.
  4. Under the Main Menu, select “Student Services & Financial Aid.”
  5. Click on “Registration & Fee Payment.”
  6. Click on “Look-up Classes to Add.”
  7. Select the appropriate term and press the Submit button.
  8. At this screen, make the selections need to find the course(s) you are looking for.
  9. For example, if looking for ENGL 1101, you would select “English” as the Subject, enter “1101” as the Course Number, and press the “Class Search” button. (Other choices may be made to filter out results.)
  10. In the screen that comes up, all the classes fitting the criteria you entered are displayed. In this window, several columns of information exist.
    • The Select column lets you know if you are able to add the class (An empty Checkbox signals this. Anything else indicates you are not able to add the class.)
    • CRN stands for Course Reference Number; this is the unique identification number given to each individual section of each course.
    • Subject and Course Number are self-explanatory.
    • Sec stands for Section. Different section numbers are assigned to courses with the same Course Number. For example, if there are twenty different ENGL 1101 classes being offered, then there are twenty sections of ENGL 1101.
    • CMP stands for ?
    • Cred is the number of credit hours the course is worth.
    • The rest of the columns are self-explanatory.
  11. Once you find a course that satisfies your schedule and needs, simply check the Checkbox next to it, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on “Add to Schedule.”
  12. The screen that follows lists your schedule with the class that you added. If it was unable to add it (e.g., you failed to meet a prerequisite), it will tell you why here as well.
  13. Continue looking up classes, adding them individually, until you are satisfied with your schedule.
  14. One alternative method is to write down the CRN’s of the classes you want to take, and then click on the “Add/Drop/Withdraw Classes” option on the Registration menu.
  15. On this screen, there will be a number of text boxes. Enter each CRN into its own text box and, once finished, click on “Submit Change.”
  16. The following screen will let you know that everything has been added and, if not, the reason why.