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UWG Advocates Program

What is the UWG Advocates Program?

The UWG Advocates Program is a grass-roots effort of friends and alumni of the University of West Georgia who work to raise awareness about the university’s importance to the future of our state. Primarily, advocates serve as ambassadors within their communities. They help advance the university’s legislative agenda, including support for capital projects, and raise awareness of UWG’s accomplishments. Advocates come from every walk of life, and they reside in every corner of the state. They are united by an interest in improving UWG’s well-being.

How do Advocates Make a Difference?

UWG Day at the Capitol '09Every advocate can make a positive difference for the University of West Georgia and, ultimately, for the state of Georgia.

Advocates cultivate positive relationships with their legislators and other community and state leaders. They help keep decision makers better informed about UWG and higher education issues. They write letters, make telephone calls, and even attend events on behalf of the university. The university helps advocates to do this by keeping them informed about upcoming legislative bills and other issues important to the university and state.

Who can be an Advocate? Me?

Absolutely! Anyone can be an advocate for change! Any person who is able to make a phone call, write a letter, send an e-mail, or meet with a legislator can tremendously help UWG. You just need to let your voice be heard. If you believe in the significance of UWG and in the system of higher education in Georgia, then speak up and you will make a difference. The most crucial part of the UWG Advocates program is your participation.

You are a constituent - you can initiate change! It is important that you and other voters in your district make your opinions known to your legislators; it is part of their job to represent your interests. Always remember that your legislators need you just as much as you need them. Don’t forget that your input counts!

How do I become a UWG advocate?

You can contact Jane Simpson at 678-839-5306 or via e-mail at