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Follow Up

Always show appreciation

It is important to always remember to thank your legislator after meeting in person or talking on the phone. Send out a thank you note that politely restates your position and also expresses gratitude for his or her time and consideration. It is also appropriate to send a thank you letter after he or she has voted for or supported an issue for which you advocated.

A thank you letter can really make an impact. The vast majority of all mail that a legislator receives is asking favors, complaining about what the government has done wrong, or criticizing something that he or she has done. Your letter can leave a positive, lasting impression and confirm your dedication to the cause.

Inform the UWG Advancement staff

After contacting your legislator in any manner, please let one of our University Advancement staff members know! Keep us informed. Who did your meet with or talk to? What issues did you discuss? What was your legislator’s position? Your report will help our team shape our future plan for advocating on behalf of UWG. A simple way to do this is to send an e-mail to