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Getting to Know Your Legislators

Building a strong, personal relationship with your Georgia Senators and Representatives and their staff is one of the most important aspects of advocacy. While it is important to get to know their positions on issues and legislation, it is just as important to nurture and strengthen the relationships that you have with them. Positive communication and effective follow-up are keys to enriching these relationships.

You can more effectively communicate with your legislators by learning about their backgrounds, interests, and records of support. Do some research and find out significant data, such as: the positions they hold in legislature, the chair of the committee that will consider your proposal, and the opposition’s chief spokesperson. Having this background knowledge will allow you to discuss your position more efficiently and will let your legislator know that you are well-informed on the subject.

Another method of keeping the lines of communication open with your legislators is to keep your name and the University of West Georgia in front of them. Send articles, clippings, and other information about issues of interest to your legislator and his or her staff. Keep them up to date on our university by informing them of our achievements and inviting them to UWG events.

Use the resources below to find your legislators and more!

List of Georgia state rep(s) by district and by name.

List of Georgia state senator(s) by district and by name.

Contact your U.S. congressional representatives.

Contact your U.S. senators.

USG Board of Regents Legislative Affairs.

Georgia House of Representatives Higher Education Committee.

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