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Careers in Anthropology

Anthropology is a diverse field. Consequently anthropologists are employed by a wide range of employers. Anthropology graduates with a B.A. in anthropology are employed in fields such as: teaching, law, medical anthropology, documentary film making, museums, social worker, forensics, marketing, international relations, university professors, historic preservation, publishing, and many more.

Anthropology Career Websites

1.) The American Anthropological Association

This is a very useful website in understanding the uses of anthropology and jobs that many anthropologists are finding today. It also has professional development component that has job postings in fields related to anthropology

Some of the most common careers for anthropologists today include:
-Educational jobs – conducting research and working in education
-Non-profit organizations
-Market research
-Government positions/government funded projects (namely archaeology and forensics)
-Public health education and organizations

2.) Essay on Anthropology Careers

This essay is useful in understanding application of anthropology related skills and career options. It provides current examples of real people utilizing their anthropology training to enter into various careers opportunities.

Physical Anthropology Careers

1.) Non-Academic Careers in Physical Anthropology

For those pursuing a degree in physical anthropology that do not want to pursue a career in education, this website provides useful tips about the other available options.

2.) Careers in Biological Anthropology

This is a very good physical/biological anthropology website that will guide you in this sub-field.

Archaeology Career Websites

1.) Archaeology Career FAQ

This website is a question and answer based site that provides helpful information and answers to questions many archaeology students may have for future career options.

2.) Archaeology Careers Website

This websites is designed specifically for archaeology graduates.

3.) Archaeology Career Guide

This website provides both information regarding careers in archaeology as well as a guide for how to best prepare to go on the job market as an archaeology graduate.