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ANTH 4885

Special Topics in Anthropology (may also be offered as 5885 for graduate students)

Prerequisites vary by topic.

Occasionally, I offer Special Topics courses on subjects for which I am currently doing research. In Spring 2009, I offered a Special Topics course on the “Legacy of the American West.” This class examines the mythical American West from Thomas Jefferson, Lewis and Clark, and Frederick Jackson Turner to Buffalo Bill and the “Wild West,” outlaws and lawmen (Jesse James and Wild Bill Hickok and others), Western art (Charlie Russell and Frederick Remington, as well as a class trip to the Booth Western Art Museum to examine contemporary Western art) and the Western novel (Zane Grey, Louis L’Amour and others), Native American photography (Edward Curtis and others), the “Western” movie and TV show (with a focus on “The Searchers” with John Wayne and the development of spaghetti Westerns), cowboy poetry and songs (with a focus on the Elko Cowboy gathering), the rodeo, and Western tourist sites in thecontemporary US. In this course students are introduced to myth, popular culture, and ethnohistory.