Association of Retired Faculty and Staff


The Association of Retired Faculty and Staff (ARFS) at the University of West Georgia was organized in 2004 to create a climate in which all retired faculty and staff feel welcomed by and re-connected to their former institution and their fellow retirees. Through social events, trips, recognition receptions, newsletters and service projects, the organization seeks to encourage a continuing interest in and connection to UWG among the ranks of its retirees.

General Contact: Glenn Novak,

ARFS Listserv

Membership on the ARFS listserv provides you instant updates, reminders and breaking relevant University news.  Members may also use the listserv to send information, questions or concerns and announcements they have to the listserv. It is a great way to share information instantly.  It is simple to join the listserv.

To sign up, just email Debbie Novak.