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Policies & Procedures


Please contact Development & Alumni Services at 678-839-6582 and the University's Inventory Clerk at 678-839-6409, if any items are donated to your department.


Please notify the University's Inventory Clerk at 678-839-6409, before removing any state owned item from the University of West Georgia.

It is imperative that all transfers of equipment inventory be recorded at the time of the transfer. This includes computer items $1000.00 and over, listed on department's inventory. This includes transfers to an office down the hall or one across campus. Please submit the transfer of equipment form to report the movement of equipment that will be utilized in another area. This form can also be used to request an item to be picked up for surplus. Items that are no longer needed or broken can be sent to surplus by submitting the transfer of equipment form to the Inventory Clerk listing the item (with a brand name), decal number, serial number, measurements, location and condition. The Inventory Clerk will facilitate having the item(s) picked-up.

The Transfer of Equipment form may be completed on line and sent via e-mail to the Inventory Clerk, by accessing the Asset Management Web page, Asset Inventory Forms, Transfer of Equipment Report. Simply enter the number of items to transfer or surplus and this will access the Transfer of Equipment Form. Please complete as much information as possible on this form.

Decal #, Description/Brand, measurements, Serial #, (Transfer From/To Information) Dept. #, Bldg. # or Abbr. If the item is going to surplus, place a check under surplus; state a condition good, fair, or poor. Also, please insure that that the hard drive of the CPU has been wiped clean of any information and removed from the CPU. Monitors are to be listed separately, again including the brand, measurements and serial number etc. Please review your department's inventory to see if the item you are surplusing is listed. Once, completed enter "Submit Transfer to Inventory Clerk". A copy will automatically be sent to the staff member submitting the form for their records. The Inventory Clerk will make arrangements with the department for pick-up. Please allow a 2 to 3 week turn-around time for items to be picked-up.

If you wish to visit campus surplus or State surplus, please contact the University's Inventory Clerk for instructions via e-mail.

As part of the changes related to the reporting requirement for GASB 34/35, our object codes involving equipment have changed. Beginning July 1, 2003 all equipment with a cost between $100-$2,999 will be charged to account #714170. IT Equipment with a cost between $100 - $2999 will be charged to 714160. Equipment costing between $3000 - $4999 (Equipment-Small Value Property) will be charged to 743200. IT SVP (Small Value Property) Equipment with a purchasing cost between $3000 - $4999 should be charged to 744200. At the present time, all equipment over $1000 will be tagged however items costing under $5000 will not be capitalized as equipment for depreciation purposes. Equipment costing more than $5000 will be charged to account #843120 (Equipment-Inventory) and IT Computer Purchases should be charged to #843300 and capitalized for depreciation purposes. The inventory clerk will no longer maintain any equipment information for items under $1000 nor will a tag be issued. A list will need to be maintained by the department for any items purchased that are valued under $1000.00, in the case a replacement item is needed. All equipment will be tagged once it is received by the department and is paid for by the University. In most case the inventory clerk will contact you to make arrangements to tag new equipment.

If you have an item that you believe needs to be tagged, please contact Asset Management. Also, please notify Asset Management of any items that will be installed in the ceiling (projectors etc.) before they are installed and any item(s) that will be taken off/used off campus (laptop/projectors etc.) before it leaves the campus for the first time, so decals may be placed on them.

The State Surplus Disposal Guide states that "Responsibility of All State Employees - Georgia laws pertaining to the disposition of state surplus property can be found in the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, Title 50, Chapter 5, Article 4, Sections 140 - 146. Violations of this code bring serious penalties. Any official, officer or employee of the state who disposes of state property having a value of less than $200.00 in violation of Code Section 50-5-141 or 50-5-142 shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. If such property has a value of $200.00 or more, he/she is guilty of a felony and upon conviction, will be punished by imprisonment for not less than one year, or more than five years."

Private Donations 

Home Use of State Equipment


Personal property brought or stored on campus is not covered under the University of West Georgia's insurance policy. Special insurance (some stipulations may apply) may be purchased by the department from DOAS for items brought on campus for exhibits etc.

If a state-owned piece of equipment is stolen, please contact Public Safety 678-839-6000, Risk Management 678-839-6279, and Asset Management at 678-839-6409. Contact Risk Management with any insurance questions.

Items with a value of $1000.00 or more at the time of loss must be listed on the University of West Georgia's computerized inventory system and stolen from a building or structure by means of forcible entry or through breaching a security device. Proof of replacement of the item must be submitted to Risk Management before insurance will pay for the claim. A $1000.00 deductible will apply per occurrence. Where the cause of loss is burglary, laptop computers are subject to a $1,000.00 per unit.


  1. Replacement Cost - the amount it would take to replace the damaged or destroyed property with property of like kind and quality, determined at the time of loss.
  2. Actual Cash Value - the replacement cost, at the time of loss, damage or destruction, less depreciation.
  3. State owned - building, structure or personal property the State of Georgia has legal title to and exercises possession or control.
  4. Transient State Property coverage - Blanket property insurance coverage applies to "state" titled property that is loaned "to" authorized people performing authorized state business.

Once "state owned property is moved outside a building, the State Owned Building & Personal Property coverage stops and starts up again when the property is situated inside the other building. The Transient State Property coverage" under the All Risk Certificate will cover the state property during the move between buildings.