BIOL 4424 Wildlife Habitat Ecology 3/3/4

Prerequisite: ( BIOL 1107 or BIOL 2107 with a minimum grade of C ) and ( BIOL 1107L or BIOL 2107L with a minimum grade of C ) and ( BIOL 1108 or BIOL 2108 with a minimum grade of C ) and ( BIOL 1108L or BIOL 2108L with a minimum grade of C ) and CHEM 1211K or ( CHEM 1211 and CHEM 1211L ) and CHEM 1212K or ( CHEM 1212 and CHEM 1212L )

This course is designed to familiarize biology majors with the ecology and management of terrestrial wildlife habitats. Ecological concepts and principles relevant to wildlife habitat structure and function will be evaluated from the individual, population, community, ecosystem, and landscape levels of organization. Management practices that affect the structure and function of wildlife habitats will be evaluated for agricultural and forest ecosystems. Concepts will be synthesized and reinforced by investigating the habitat requirements for a variety of wildlife species in the southwestern United States.