Index to Course Listings by Abbreviation

(ABED) Business Education

(ACCT) Accounting

(ANTH) Anthropology

(ART) Art

(ASTR) Astronomy

(EDSI) Education School Improvement

(BIOL) Biology

(BRFV) Birth Through Five

(BUSA) Business Administration

(CHEM) Chemistry

(CISM) Management Information Systems

(CMWL) Health and Community Wellness

(COMM) Mass Communications

(CRIM) Criminology

(CS) Computer Science

(ECED) Early Childhood/Elementary Education

(ECON) Economics

(EDSI) Education School Improvement

(EDUC) Education

(ENGL) English

(ENGR) Engineering

(ENVS) Environmental

(FILM) Film

(FINC) Finance

(FORL) Foreign Language

(FREN) French

(GEOG) Geography

(GEOL) Geology

(GLOB) Global Studies

(GRMN) German

(HIST) History

(ISCI) Integrated Science

(LIBR) Library Bibliographic Instruction

(MATH) Mathematics

(MEDT) Media

(MGED) Middle Grades Education

(MGNT) Management

(MKTG) Marketing

(MUSC) Music

(NURS) Nursing

(PHED) Physical Education and Recreation

(PHIL) Philosophy

(PHYS) Physics

(PLAN) Planning

(POLS) Political Science

(PSYC) Psychology

(PTED) P-12 Education

(PWLA) Personal Wellness and Leisure Activity

(READ) Reading

(RELE) Real Estate

(SEED) Secondary Education

(SLPA) Speech Language Pathology

(SPED) Special Education

(SOCI) Sociology

(SPAN) Spanish

(SPMG) Sport Management

(THEA) Theatre

(UWG) First Year University Experience

(XIDS) Interdisciplinary

(EDSI) Education School Improvement

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