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Licensing Package



If you are interested in producing and selling items bearing the names and marks of the University of West Georgia, you would need to obtain a license through the Trademark Licensing Office. You may download a copy of our licensing package online or we would be happy to send a licensing package out to you that includes a licensee application, licensing program fact sheet and two copies of the license agreement.

After completing the application and executing the agreements, the paperwork should be returned to our office along with the $50 contract fee and a representative sample of the product(s) you wish to have licensed. Please note that the $50 contract fee is an annual fee and is not an advance against royalties.

Upon approval, we would provide you with our camera-ready artwork. Electronic artwork can also be provided upon request. Royalties of 8% of the wholesale selling price (4% of retail) should be included in your selling price and then at the end of each calendar quarter, returned to the University in exchange for your rights to use the marks. To complete the licensing process, you will need to submit samples of your University of West Georgia merchandise for approval prior to production or distribution.

The licensing package explains all this in detail. If you would like us to mail you a package, please submit a request via email to