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Where to Reserve Facilities


Student Organizations:

To request a space managed by Auxiliary Services, please use this form .The request must be at least 5 business days in advance of the event date. If the event requires a large event form, the request must be a least 7 business days in advance of the event date.  



If you are a department or a vendor requesting a space within Auxiliary Services please use the form .  The request must be at least 5 business days in advance of the date needed.


If you are locked out of your reserved venue after 5:00pm during the week or anytime Saturday and Sunday you must contact University Police to unlock the room. You will need to contact University Police at the conclusion of your event to secure the venue.  

Auxiliary Services - 678-839-6525

 Alumni House - 678-839-6582


Aramark - 678-839-6496


College of Arts & Humanities, College of Science & Mathematics, College of Social Science


Contact the appropriate Dean’s Office to request a room.  COAH – 678-839-5450, COSM – 678-839-5190, COSS – 678-839-5170.  If the requestor is part of a student organization, a form must be given to the contact person.  (A link to the form is located here:  If the requestor is part of a student organization, an advisor must be present at the meeting if it is held after 5:00 pm or on the weekend.   The Student Organizations Handbook is located at and note “Reserving University Facilities” starts on p. 45.


Please see the Excel spreadsheet showing the contacts for the different academic buildings that don’t belong to RCOB, COE, or Nursing.


College of Business - 678-839-6467


College of Education - 678-839-6087- Whitney Brand


Music Department - 678-839-6516

 Nursing Department- 678-839-6552


Theatre Department - 678-839-4700


Townsend Center for Performing Arts  - 678-839-4722

 Facility Usage Fees