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Program Assessment

Degree Program and Director

Degree Program: BS in Biology
Degree Program Director: Henry Zot
URL for Assessment Data:

Program Mission Statement

Mission statement may be found on the homepage.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. To develop a strong and diversified background in modern biology appropriate to individual student goals, a student will demonstrate an appreciation for the areas of modern biology and inter-relatedness of these areas
2. To develop critical-thinking and problem-based learning skills, a student will demonstrate the ability to explore new areas of science and to design, implement and understand data.
3. To develop the ability to communicate scientific ideas, a student will demonstrate the ability present scientific ideas in written or oral forms. 

Assessment Activity

1.    Student completes a comprehensive exam or thesis defense
2.   A student’s ability is determined from reports of research projects with faculty, lab assignments in lab courses in biology, independent studies of the scientific literature, and internships that address the outcome. 
3.   Students demonstrate ability in four required seminars, presentations in scientific meetings, and competitions among students. Student completes a comprehensive exam or thesis defense

Assessments are conducted annually.  The results are reviewed by the faculty of the Biology Department.