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Transient Student Form Policy

Effective May 2012, Biology Department approval of Transient Student Status requests require the following: 

  1. Formal application must be made using an Undergraduate Transient Status Permission Form
  2. Sections of the form entitled Student Information, Study Abroad, and Courses Requested must be complete and accurate
  3. If transient status involves study abroad, the form must be signed by the Director of International Services and Programs as indicated.
  4. The form must be signed and dated by the student as indicated
  5. The form must be signed and dated by the advisor as indicated
  6. The completed form must be time stamped by personnel in the Biology Department Office.
  7. The time-stamped form must be placed in the approprate in-box in the Biology Office. 

Complete and time-stamped forms will be processed by the Biology Department in 48 hr, afterwhich the form may be retrieved from the out-box

The processed form will have one of the following

  • the signature of the Chair of Biology
  • corrections initialed by the Chair of Biology and the signature of the Chair of Biology
  • only an explanatory note (no signature)