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Andrew J. Edelman

Assistant Professor    
Animal Ecology and Conservation


Ph.D. University of New Mexico
M. S. University of Arizona
B. S. Willamette University


Research Interests:

I have broad research interests in ecology, conservation, and management of terrestrial animals. My field-based research has primarily focused on small mammals, but has also included invertebrates, birds, and herptofauna. I utilize advanced statistical analysis and other quantitative methods (e.g., spatial and network techniques) to uncover biological phenomena in the areas of community, population, and behavioral ecology. I am particularly interested in species interactions, animal sociality, and natal dispersal. My applied research addresses conservation and management issues for a variety of wildlife including endangered, nongame, and small game species. For more details on my research activities please visit my research website at


Courses Taught:

BIOL 1010 Fundamentals of Biology 


Selected Publications:

Edelman, A.J. (2012) Positive interactions between desert granivores: localized
facilitation of harvester ants by kangaroo rats. PLoS ONE 7(2): e30914.

Edelman, A.J. (2011) Sex-specific effects of size and condition on timing of natal
dispersal in banner-tailed kangaroo rats. Behavioral Ecology 22:776-783.

Edelman, A.J. (2011) Kangaroo rats remodel burrows in response to seasonal changes in
environmental conditions. Ethology 117:430-439.

Edelman, A.J., J.L. Koprowski, and S.R. Bertelsen (Undergraduate student).
(2009) Potential for nest site competition between native and exotic tree squirrels.
Journal of Mammalogy 90:167-174.

Edelman, A.J., and J.L. Koprowski. (2007) Communal nesting in asocial Abert’s
squirrels: the role of social thermoregulation and breeding strategy. Ethology

Edelman, A.J., and J.L. Koprowski. (2006) Seasonal changes in home ranges of Abert’s
squirrels: impact of mating season. Canadian Journal of Zoology 84:404-411.

Edelman, A.J., and J.L. Koprowski. (2006) Influence of female-biased sexual size
dimorphism on dominance of female Townsend’s chipmunks. Canadian Journal
of Zoology 84:1859-1863.

Edelman, A.J., and J.L. Koprowski. (2006) Characteristics of Abert’s squirrel (Sciurus
aberti) cavity nests. Southwestern Naturalist 51:64-70.

Edelman, A.J., and J.L. Koprowski. (2005) Selection of drey sites by Abert’s squirrels
in an introduced population. Journal of Mammalogy 86:1220-1226.

Edelman, A.J., and J.L. Koprowski. (2005) Diet and tree use of Abert’s squirrels
(Sciurus aberti) in a mixed-conifer forest. Southwestern Naturalist 50:461-465.

Edelman, A.J. (2003) Marmota olympus. Mammalian Species 736:1-5.