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M.S. Thesis

Master of Science in Biology  

Thesis Track


Degree requirements

   BIOL 5000/6000      Seven, three hour graduate courses in Biology
   BIOL 6984              Graduate Seminar (four; one hour per semester) 
   BIOL 6983              Graduate Research 
   BIOL 6999              Thesis  2 
          TOTAL  36 credit hours


A combination of 5000-level and 6000-level courses may be used to complete graduate degree requirements, but a substantial portion of the degree program should be at the 6000 level. A topic for thesis research should be identified before the end of the second semester of the degree program. The degree candidate should submit a brief thesis proposal to the advisory committee at this time and should schedule qualifying exams before the end of the third semester. The advising committee may approve up to two course substitutions from departments other than biology if such substitutions are appropriate to the research interests or career goals of the student.