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Dr. Heidi M. Banford

Associate Professor
Biogeography and Ichthyology




Research Interests

With broad interests in systematics and biogeography, emphasizing ichthyology, I have a number of ongoing research projects that span freshwater and marine environments. My current investigations are in spatial and temporal diversity of Neotropical freshwater and marine taxa utilizing independent morphological and molecular markers. One area of research is in the phylogeography and diversity of Neotropical freshwater fishes. I am simultaneously examining the biogeographic history of three genera of fishes (Characidae: Astyanax, Bramochrax and Hyphessobrycon) in lower Central America while undertaking a morphological revision of this fishes’ taxonomy and systematics. The complex, but well described, geological history of the Central American isthmian region affords an opportunity to hypothesize and test mechanisms of vicariance and dispersal in these fishes across a dynamic landscape. A second area of emphasis is the taxonomy, systematics and biogeography of beloniform fishes.  Recently I have expanded research into the ecology, systematics,  and phylogeography of southeastern U.S. freshwater fishes.

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