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Summer 2012 Important Dates

Heads up! Higher One’s Bank is changing to Wright Express Financial Services Corporation. Email notification has been sent out. According to Higher One, the ONLY change you will see is if you wire money to your Higher One account after May 1. The debit cards, checks, passwords, etc. should remain the same. If you have additional questions click here to contact Higher One.  


March 26- Summer/Fall* Registration-On Time
(Check Scoop for exact registration dates, Opens up for everyone April 19.)

March 21- Short Term Loans Applications Open for Summer 2012
(As long as funds available will accept applications for Summer Term up until June 15)

April 19- Online payments will be turned off at 3:30 pm for Touchnet upgrade (Online payments will be turned back on at 8:00 am on April 20)

April 25- On-time/ Early Registration Closes for Summer 2012 /
(For processing and Summer Fee Payment)

April 28- Spring 2012 Graduation

April 30 Fee Payment Deadline-On Time/ Early Summer-Open until 6:00 pm
(Bursar’s Office and Enrollment Services Center)
Actual Drop for non-payment- Minimum of Tuition & Mandatory Fees Must be paid

May 3- Summer 2012 Late Registration opens up. (Late fee applies for Summer 2012.)

May 4- Bookstore to the Rescue Opens for Summer 2012

May 8- If taking May Classes a Minimum of the May classes must be paid –Manual Drop
(For students who added classes between May 3-8)

May 29- Short Term Loan & Hope Accell Book checks available via Higher One accounts for Summer 2012 Term.

June 1- New Student Summer Registration

June 5- Bookstore to the Rescue Ends for Summer 2012

June 4-5- Drop/Add- ESC and Bursar’s office open until 5:30 each night

June 6- Second Summer Fee Payment Deadline-6:00 pm
(Second Drop-begins at 6:00pm for all students who owe a balance.)

June 15- Summer Refunds-Available to Students
(If F/A in place and registered required hours-also remember if taking classes that does not begin until July or Hope funds are part of financial aid, refunds will not be available until July 11)

July 3- Fee Payment deadline if taking a class that begins July 2. (Only if class was added after June 6th deadline)

July 5- Reinstatement ends

July 4- Independence Day Holiday-Offices Closed

July 11- Summer 2012 Refunds-(For students whose funds are not available until July) 

July 28-
Summer Graduation

July 30 Fall 2012 Fee Payment Deadline
(Must have a minimum of tuition and mandatory charges paid)

*Important Reminder—Fall Tuition is NOT available yet. WE HOPE to know something by June 1. Remind students to check Banweb.