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Tuition, Fees, and Charges (Fall 2013 to Summer 2014)

• If you are taking online classes, such as Net and Ecore, then you may have additional tuition charges associated with them, and the charges are listed at the bottom of each fee sheet.
• Net classes have two separate charges, designated as Net Tuition and E-Tuition.
• Mandatory charges are assessed by using all hours attempted, including Net and ECore classes when taking any on-campus classes at the Carrollton campus.
• Keep in mind the attached information is intended only to be a guide to assist students and parents of what to anticipate for tuition and mandatory charges. These amounts are subject to change and do not include special course fees, meal plans, housing charges, etc.

**An auditor is a student who enrolls as an observer or listener only. Auditors pay all regular fees and tuition for enrollment. A post-baccalaureate non-degree seeking student attends classes, but is not seeking a UWG degree. These students also pay all regular tuition and fee rates. For more information on these specialty students, click here.

-For Fee Payment Instructions - Click Here

-New Students & Continuing Undergraduates - Click Here

-Undergraduate (Online/NET Only) - Click Here
-Graduate students - Click Here

-Graduate (Online/NET Only) - Click Here

-Professional Degrees such as: MBA, MPAcc, MSN, & Ed.D - Click Here

-Professional Degrees such as: MBA, MPAcc, MSN, & Ed.D (Online/NET only) - Click Here

-Ph.D Programs - Click Here

-WebMBA Program - Click Here

-Residence Halls and Meal Plans - Click Here

-Click Here for Special Course Fees.

*Contact Auxiliary Enterprise for more information concerning meal tickets (678) 839-6525.

*Contact Residence Life for more information concerning Residence Halls (678) 839-6426.