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The Beta Tau Chapter promotes the Delta Pi Epsilon's three ideals as symbolized by its name:

Delta - Scholarship
Pi - Leadership
Epsilon - Cooperation

The Beta Tau Chapter is founded on a shared sense of responsibility to improve the teaching of business through formal, scientific research that leads to the creation of new knowledge; develop leadership skills of members; and, provide members with team-building and networking opportunities.

Beta Tau Chapter members engage in activities that lead to the advancement of the profession by taking pride in serving business students, holding panel discussions at professional meetings, sponsoring research activities, and representing interests on policy-making boards such as the GACTE legislative breakfast.

The Beta Tau Chapter embraces change and seizes new opportunities to reshape, guide, and sustain the dynamic nature of Business Teacher Education.

Encouraging Quality Research
Members are encouraged to publish in The Delta Pi Epsilon Journal, a top-notch, refereed research journal focusing on empirical research; and, The Journal of Applied Research for Business Instruction, a refereed journal related to effective teaching strategies. 

At the very least, members are encouraged to carefully analyze the research published by others in the two journals mentioned above as well as other quality journals.  This way, members are able to become innovative and creative Business Teacher educators, constantly engaged in the effective integration of formal, scientific research into instructional practices.

Finally, members are encouraged to participate in the national conference and other regional conferences by presenting research studies or witnessing the research efforts of others in the profession.

Building Professionalism
Beta Tau Chapter members are encouraged to participate in local and national committees leading to outstanding learning opportunities.

Practicing Teamwork
Beta Tau Chapter members embrace teamwork, making a genuine effort to treat each other with respect.

Living up to these values is an ongoing challenge for Chapter members, as they strive to embrace lifelong learning.