Faculty and Staff Awards for 2011-12

 RCOB's Faculty and Staff Awards for 2011-2012

First Row:  Hilde Patron, Leanne DeFoor, Mary Kassis, Susan Hall, Christy Rabern, Sandy Thompson, Liz Runyan, Charles Hodges
Second Row:  Jim Yoder, Adrian Austin, Tracy Richardson, Joey Smith, Jane Smith, Jim Burton, David Nickell, Chris Haynes, Mary-Kathryn Zachary, Jack Wei, Jeff Rooks, Ron Best



 Excellence in Research  Dr. Chris Haynes
Dr. Hilde Patron
 Excellence in Teaching  Dr. Jim Yoder
Dr. Mary Kassis
Dr. Leanne DeFoor
Dr. Mary-Kathryn Zachary
Mr. Jeff Rooks
Dr. Susan Hall
 Excellence in Service  Dr. Ron Best
Dr. Charles Hodges
Dr. Adrian Austin
Dr. Jim Burton
Dr. David Nickell
Ms. Sandra Thompson
 Excellence in Support Staff  Ms. Liz Runyan
Ms. Christy Rabern
Ms. Tracy Richardson
Ms. Jane Smith 
 Faculty-Sponsored Student Research Activities  Dr. Joey Smith 
 Research Scholars Program Grant  Dr. Mary-Kathryn Zachary
Dr. Jack Wei
Dr. Hilde Patron
Dr. Joey Smith 
 Stone Grant ("The Creative and the Functional in Corporate
 Dr. Kim Green