Giving to Richards College

Giving To Ricahrds College

At the Richards College of Business, we educate and prepare students for positions of responsibility in business and society. We share a commitment to the principles of honesty and integrity in all interactions and undertakings, and respect the rights, differences and dignity of others. To create the best possible educational environment and experience for our students, we need support from you, our alumni, friends and community partners. Our students represent diverse cultural and economic backgrounds and many are the first in their families to attend college. Annual gifts and pledges are important in helping us to provide much needed student scholarships and programming; however, long-term support is equally important as these critical funds provide for the growth, innovation and rigor for which the Richards College of Business is known.

We take pride in our role in educating the next generation of business leaders. We are committed to seeking funding and building partnerships that will provide greater opportunities and open more doors for our students. Please explore our site or contact us to find out how you can help the Richards College of Business prepare trailblazers who are able to make sound business decisions, participate actively in global economies, respond to technological changes, communicate effectively, and affirm a core array of values and ethical practices.

Visionary Endowment
The Visionary Endowment will play a critical role in expanding our national reputation for academic excellence in a personal environment. Private financial support from our alumni and business community enables us to attract and retain the most talented faculty and students. Read More...

Scholarship & Endowments
There are three options for donations towards scholarship: an Annual Scholarship, Endowed Scholarship,and Hybrid Scholarship. Read More...

Sponsorship/Naming Opportunities
The mission of the Richards College of Business at the University of West Georgia is to educate and prepare students for positions of responsibility in business and society. Students lie at the heart of any university. Read More...