MBA Elective Courses

 ACCT 6233  Seminar in Cost Accounting
 ECON 6430  Business Cycles and Forecasting
 CISM 6331  Strategic Management of Information Technology
 FINC 6542  Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management
 ECON 6461  International Finance
 ABED 6100  Advanced Managerial Communications
 MKTG 5805  Sales Management
 MKTG 6820  International Business Strategy

One 5000 level business/non-business course may be used as an elective, subject to approval by the MBA director.


Administrative Systems & Business Education  (ABED)

ABED 6100 Managerial Communications
A study of intrapersonal, interpersonal and cultural communications found in the corporate structure and the effect a global community has had upon corporate communications.

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Accounting  (ACCT)

ACCT 6232 Advanced Managerial Accounting
Prerequisite: ACCT 2102 or equivalent
An analysis of accounting information and other data as aids to management in choosing among possible courses of action. Not open to MPAcc students.

ACCT 6233 Seminar in Cost Accounting
Prerequisite: ACCT 3232 or 6232
Designed for the student with past exposure to cost accounting concepts  and applications. The course emphasizes research of the current topics affecting the information-providing function of the managerial accounting process. Ethical issues are emphasized.

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Business Information Systems (CISM)

CISM 6331 Strategic Management of Information Technology
Prerequisite: CISM 2201, 3330 or equivalent
Focuses on information technology and systems from a general management perspective. Discusses management of the system development process, the organizational cycle of information, technology planning, evaluation, selection, and strategic uses of information technology. Includes frequent discussions of industry case studies.

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Economics (ECON)

ECON 6430 Business Cycles and Forecasting
Prerequisites: ECON 2105, 2106, 3402 or consent of department chair
The analysis of current and prospective levels of national income and the impact on the firm's volume of business and its ability to operate profitably. Special emphasis is given to measuring economic fluctuations and forecasting the level of economic activity.

ECON 6450 Managerial Economics
Prerequisites: ECON 2105, 2106, 3402, or consent of department chair
The manager's role in the efficient allocation of resources in our society will be emphasized. The application of several decision-making tools to empirical situations will be stressed. This course assumes that the student has a basic knowledge of elementary statistics and quantitative analysis

ECON 6461 International Finance
Prerequisites: ECON 2105, 2106, FINC 3511 or consent of department chair
Topics may include foreign exchange market; exchange rates; balance of  payments analysis and adjustment process; financing institutions, monetary  relations, and monetary reform; gold, the dollar, devaluation, and SDRs.  Same as FINC 6521.

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Finance (FINC)

FINC 6521 International Finance
Prerequisite: FINC 3511 or equivalent
Topics include foreign exchange market; exchange rates; balance of  payments analysis and adjustment process; financing of institutions,  monetary relations and monetary reform, gold, the dollar, devaluation, and SDRs. Cross listed with ECON 6461.

FINC 6532 Advanced Financial Management
Prerequisite: FINC 3511 or equivalent
A study of the major financial tools and techniques through problem solving and case studies.

FINC 6542 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
Prerequisite: FINC 3511 or equivalent
Study of securities markets and security analysis for portfolio planning.

FINC 6561 International Management of Financial Institutions
Prerequisite: FINC 3511 or equivalent
Designed as a study of the financial management of financial institutions with an emphasis on international aspects.

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Management  (MGNT)

MGNT 6670 Organization Theory & Behavior A Managerial Perspective
Prerequisite: MGNT 3600 or equivalent
A managerial examination of the behavioral and structural factors affecting performance of organizations including study of fundamentals, individual and group concerns, organizational processes with emphasis on current issues.

MGNT 6681 Seminar in Strategic Management
Prerequisite: MKTG 6815, FINC 6532, all preparation courses and within 15 hours of graduation
A study of total enterprise at the executive level applying a set of decisions and actions which result in the formulation and implementation of plans designed to achieve the mission and goals of the enterprise.

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Marketing  (MKTG)

MKTG 6815 Marketing Strategy
Prerequisite: MKTG 3803 or equivalent
A high level managerial decision making course that emphasizes analysis, planning, implementation, and control of marketing programs in a competitive environment. The case method and/or computer simulations are the integrative elements of the course.

MKTG 6820 International Business Strategy
Prerequisite: All MBA Preparatory courses.
The international business strategy course will cover each traditional functional area of an organization as it applies to doing business across country boundaries. The functional areas addressed will include Finance, Accounting, Production, Human Resources Management, Marketing, and Technology Management. Students will learn to analyze international business situations and risks, and to develop successful international strategies based on such analysis.