Online Advising

Current graduate students may now be advised by Dr. Hope Udombon ONLINE!
Follow the steps below to conduct your online advisement.

1. You need to have all of your course information before attempting online advisement.

2. You will need the current CRN number, subject code (ACCT, MGNT, FINC, etc.), course number and section number for each class you plan to take. This information may be found on banweb under Class Bulletin, select Graduate Subject Listing.

3. You will also need your 917 ID number and your email address.

4. Once you have all of your information gathered. Download the Online Advising Form.

5. Complete the form. Make sure to fill in ALL required information.

6. Print your form and sign it.

7. Scan and email the completed form as an attachment to Dr. Hope Udombon or fax your form to (678) 839-5040.

8. Once Dr. Hope has received your online advising form, you will be contacted via email.