Committee Assignments – Richards College

Committee Assignments - Richards College

Members of the Strategic Planning, Graduate Programs, and Undergraduate Programs Committees are appointed by the department chair. Decisions by these committees are subject to a vote by the Richards College faculty (as members are not elected by the faculty). Committee decisions regarding changes in the faculty handbook, the vision statement, mission statement, statement of ethical expectations, strategic goals, action items, or curriculum are subject to a vote by the Richards College faculty. Richards College faculty will be notified of the committee's decisions by email. Without a dissenting vote in the following seven day period, the committee’s decision will be considered ratified by the faculty. If a dissenting vote is registered, the committee will decide if an electronic vote of the faculty is appropriate or if the decision should be discussed and a vote taken during the next Richards College faculty meeting. Membership consists of:

  • Strategic Planning: 2 members from each department, the associate dean (nonvoting), and the assistant dean (nonvoting)
  • Undergraduate Programs: 2 members from each department and the assistant dean (nonvoting)
  • Graduate Programs: 1 member from each department and the associate dean (nonvoting)


Committee Rotation

Committee Members serve 4 year terms.
The committee chair serves a two year term and must have served on the committee for one year prior to initial appointment.
Members may serve consecutive terms if appointed by the department chair.

The domain of responsibility for each committee is as follows:

Undergraduate Programs Committee

  1. Undergraduate Learning Goals
  2. Undergraduate Degree Changes, Deletions, and Additions
  3. Undergraduate Business Core and Curriculum
  4. Assurance of Learning for Undergraduate Programs
  5. Participant Standards Relating to Undergraduate Students
  6. Undergraduate Scholarships

Graduate Programs Committee

  1. Graduate Learning Goals
  2. Graduate Degree Changes, Deletions, and Additions
  3. Graduate Curriculum
  4. Assurance of Learning for Graduate Programs
  5. Participant Standards Relating to Graduate Students
  6. Graduate Scholarships
  7. Updates and Changes in the MBA Exit Exam

Strategic Planning Committee

  1. Mission, Vision, Objectives, Goals, and Statement of Ethical Expectations
  2. Strategic Planning Process
  3. Financial and Resources Planning
  4. Technology Planning
  5. Faculty Governance
  6. Participant Standards Relating to Faculty and Staff
  7. AACSB Eligibility Requirement


Members of the Post-Tenure Review Committee and Promotion and Tenure Committee are elected by each department at the beginning of fall semester.  Decisions by these committees are forwarded to the Dean and are not subject to a faculty vote. Membership consists of:

  • Post-Tenure Review Committee: 1 member from each department (all members must be tenured)
  • Promotion and Tenure Committee: 2 members from each department (all members must be tenured)


The Beta Gamma Sigma Advisor and the Richards College Big Night Coordinator(s) are rotated among the departments.


Richards College Committee Assignments


Strategic Planning Committee    Term Ends 
Ron Best  Accounting & Finance 2015 
Michael Yu  Accounting & Finance  2017 
Bashu Dutt (Chair)  Economics  2015 
James Murphy  Economics  2018 
John Upson Management  2018 
Mary-Kathryn Zachary  Management  2015 
Blaise Bergiel  Marketing & Real Estate  2018 
Joel Haynes  Marketing & Real Estate  2016 
ISP Steering Committee     
John Upson Management 2015
Undergraduate Programs Committee    Term Ends  
Bruce Bird  Accounting & Finance   2015 
Jim Yoder   Accounting & Finance   2017 
Mike Sinkey   Economics   2016 
Hilde Patron-Boenheim (Chair)   Economics   2017 
Kim Green  Management  2018 
Erich Bergiel  Management  2015 
Mimi Rickard  Marketing & Real Estate   2016 
Jim Burton   Marketing & Real Estate   2018 
Graduate Programs Committee    Term Ends  
Christine Haynes  Accounting & Finance   2015 
Adrian Austin  Economics  2018 
Jeannie Pridmore (Chair) Management  2017 
David Nickell Marketing & Real Estate  2018 
Accounting Accreditation     Term Ends  
All Accounting Faculty  Accounting & Finance  Ongoing 
Promotion and Tenure Committee  (Members must be tenured)   Term Ends 
Kathy Moffeit  Accounting & Finance  2015  
Ron Best  Accounting & Finance  2015  
David Boldt  Economics  2015  
Bashu Dutt  Economics  2015  
Mary-Kathryn Zachary  Management  2015  
Brad Prince  Management  2015  
Jim Burton  Marketing & Real Estate   2015  
Joel Haynes  Marketing & Real Estate   2015  
Post-Tenure Review Committee     Term Ends  
Charles Hodges  Accounting & Finance   2015 
Mary Kassis  Economics  2015 
Faramarz Parsa  Management   2015 
Joel Haynes  Marketing & Real Estate   2015 
Beta Gamma Sigma – Faculty Advisor    Term Ends  
Faramarz Parsa   Management  Ongoing 
Big Night Advisor(s)     Term Ends 
Samantha Dukes  Management  2015  
Susan Hall   Marketing & Real Estate   2015  
Online Exam Task Force    Term Ends 
Brad Prince Management  2015 
Faramarz Parsa  Management  2015 
Susan Hall  Marketing & Real Estate  2015 
Cheryl Brown  Marketing & Real Estate  2015 
Rong Guo  Accounting & Finance  2015 
Linxiao Liu  Accounting & Finance  2015 
Salvador Lopez  Economics  2015 
Kim Holder  Economics  2015