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Disclaimer:  The Richards College of Business provides these links as samples of web resources available to assist students with skills review, and consequently, the Richards College of Business has no control over the content on these sites.  If, however, you detect an issue with any of the sites given here, please contact us at

Accounting/Finance SkillsBasic Grammar Skills  |  Communication Skills  |  Math Skills  |  PC Skills  |  Miscellaneous Skills Review  |  Other Business Skills

Accounting/Finance Skills
Corporate Finance Review
Financial Calculations
Items on Basic Financial Statements
Basic Grammar Skills
Affect or Effect
Would of or Would have
Communication Skills
Attributes of a Good Oral Presentation
Basic Grammar and Spelling
Case Tips
How to Write an Essay
How to Write a Professional Email
Phone Conversations
Plagiarism and How to Correctly Research and Cite Sources
Reliable vs. Unreliable Sources
Writing a Case Analysis
Writing a Memo
Writing a Paragraph
Writing a 5-Paragraph Essay
Writing a Research Paper
Math Skills
Simplifying Complex Fractions
Basic Graphing Techniques
Basic Math
How to Calculate a Growth Rate
How to Calculate a Percentage
How many zeros in a billion, trillion, etc.
Laws of Mathematical Precedence
Percentage vs. Decimal
PC Skills
General PC Skills
Email Basics
How to Use CourseDen Features
Microsoft Office Skills 
(This website tells how to use Excel, Word, PowerPoint.)
(This website teaches how to use
IF statements in an Excel Spreadsheet.)
Miscellaneous Skills Review
Other Business Skills
CIA World Factbook Site 
(contains detailed information about nearly every country in the world
and is very easy to use. Categories include Geography, People, Government, Economy, Communications, Transportation, Military, and Transnational Issues)
Economics   Macro and Micro:
Job Search Assistance (Career advice from the HR Policy Association)
Leadership Skills
Proper Dress for Presentations/
World History
Affordable Colleges Foundation Business
Concentration Guides: