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What is Career Counseling?

Whether you've made a definite choice of major, are in the middle of changing your major, or engaged in a major career change, we have career counselors ready to assist with your career planning. 

Our career counseling process focuses on who you are as a unique person. This is because determining the best career path to take and transitioning into your ideal job requires solutions and counseling tailored to you and your situation. 

Career Development provides FREE counseling to all currently enrolled students and alumni within one year of their graduation. Alumni who request services more than a year after their graduation will have a service fee. 

Career Counseling may include helping you clarify your knowledge about your values, interests, personality, or skills. We can also help you identify options and information about your career path. Career Counseling can help develop your decision-making skills and styles and identify any barriers to your career decision-making process. 

Our approach to career counseling research-based; our success rate with clients is outstanding. 

Our end goal as we work with you is to find a career that fits you, to find work that has meaning, is fulfilling and energizing, and to leverage your talents and passions to find a satisfying career.   


We can help you:

 Discover Yourself            Explore Your Options            Make Informed Decisions            Prepare for Your Career