Networking (Social Events)

DO :

  •  Create objective concerning types and numbers of people you want to meet, information you would like to collect, and relevant questions that show you have done your research.
  • Dress like you are attending an interview and ensure proper hygiene
  • Wear your name tag on the right hand side most people focus their eyes on the right side
  • Properly introduce yourself (first and last name)
  • Try to remember and use the persons first name when you are speaking to them
  • Shake hands with everyone you meet be firm and be enthusiastic smiling is great
  • Mingle with as many people as possible
  • Give yourself a goal on how much time you spend with each person you meet
  • Create and take business cards to hand out and collect other people’s business cards
  • Make notes on the back of business card with conversations topics to remember the person
  • Ask what is the best way to follow up
  • Keep your business cards separate from the ones you collect
  • Take a break if you need to so you can continue to keep your energy up
  • If you are standing in a group take the initiative and introduce yourself


  •  Do not wear street clothes or inappropriate clothing be professional
  • Do not smell of excessive amounts of perfume, cologne, or smoke
  • Avoid personal conversations focus on professionalism
  • Do not only speak to one person in the room
  • Do not forget to shake hands with the person you are meeting do not crush someone’s hand
  • Avoid slang and foul language
  • Do not hang out in the refreshment area the whole time
  • If alcohol is served try to avoid drinking
  • Do not use the networking time to hit on other people
  • Don’t walk around with a handful of different business cards you want to make the other person feel like you are interested in them
  • Do not introduce yourself by first name only
  • Do not wait for people to come and introduce themselves to you
  • Do not talk negatively about people you have met during the event