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Mission Statement

The University of West Georgia’s College of Arts and Humanities aspires to become a nationally
recognized center for achievement in the arts and humanities.

The mission of the College of Arts and Humanities (COAH) is to enable students, faculty, and
staff to realize the full potential of a liberal arts education through academic engagement;
supportive services; professional development; and a caring, student-centered community. We
deliver high-quality undergraduate, graduate, and community programs on-campus, off-campus,
and online. COAH emphasizes academic excellence and community engagement in the arts and
humanities, recognizing the transformative power of a liberal arts education.

COAH supports students in their efforts to complete degrees in the arts and humanities, valuing
liberal arts and professional preparation. Through effective and innovative teaching, experiential
learning, scholarship, creative endeavor, and a commitment to the public arts and humanities,
COAH equips graduates to engage with and discover new forms of knowledge. COAH is
dedicated to building on its existing strengths, including the understanding of global cultures
across time, the power of creative expression, and the use of writing to ground disciplinary
inquiry. COAH will continue to develop distinctive programs and services related to the arts and
humanities, while also remaining engaged in interdisciplinary collaboration with professional
networks at UWG and in the community.

COAH responds to economic development and identified regional, state, and global needs. With
the understanding that the arts and humanities affect human beings internally and the world
externally, COAH empowers our alumni and the community we serve to contribute responsibly
and creatively to a complex twenty-first century global society, where the definition of “human”
is continually contested and reshaped.

Latest News


English Professors Patrick Erben and Rebecca Harrison Awarded Summer Teaching Fellowships in Mainz, Germany


This summer two esteemed members of UWG’s English department will get the opportunity to teach at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany. Dr. Patrick Erben and Dr. Rebecca Harrison have both been awarded summer fellowships by the Transnational American Studies Institute (known as the Obama Institute) at Johannes Gutenberg University. This program offers a global perspective on topics related to the Americas, with special focus on global cultural impact, transnationalism, and interdisciplinary studies.

Over the course of the summer, Dr. Erben will serve as the University’s early American studies fellow. An accomplished author and Executive Coordinator for the Society of Early Americanists, Dr. Erben is excited for this opportunity to teach and collaborate at a global level. He states, “Teaching and researching at the Transnational American Studies Institute at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz this summer perfectly reflects my commitment to positioning the literature of German-language immigration to early America in a global and multilingual context. Myself an immigrant from Germany living and teaching in the U.S., I will involve German M.A. students in editing and publishing the multilingual writings of Francis Daniel Pastorius, founder of the first German settlement in North America. That's transnational scholarship and teaching in action!"

Dr. Harrison’s fellowship in Mainz will focus on Southern studies. An accomplished author and award-winning scholar, as well as Director of both the English Education program and the English STEM to STEAM Initiative, Dr. Harrison is passionate about bringing Southern literature to a global stage. She states, “I'm excited to spend a semester working with an international student body on a broad variety of critical threads related to the study of Southern women writers in a global, hemispheric, and transnational perspective. Exploding the boundaries of Southern literature lies at the heart of my scholarship and work with students; this fellowship will allow me to push further with that effort by exploring global perspectives on the U.S. South."

During their fellowships, they will each teach a seminar, as well as do research, and give scholarly lectures at Johannes Gutenberg University and other German Universities. Congratulations to them both for this exciting opportunity!

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School of The Arts


The School of the Arts (SOTA) at the University of West Georgia houses the departments of Music, Art, and Theatre, along with programs in Film Studies and Creative Writing. In addition, SOTA sponsors its own events on and off campus, and facilitates a number of arts-based initiatives in the surrounding schools and communities.

Want to write, direct, and even STAR in your own short film this summer? Join us for the School of the Arts Film Camp at UWG!