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Randy Hendricks, COAH Dean

The faculty and staff of the College of Arts and Humanities hold a common belief in the inherent value COAH brings to UWG’s identity and mission. We take pride in the contributions we make to the extracurricular vibrancy of the campus and greater community, but we also believe every student who enrolls, whether following a career path associated with our College or another, should have the opportunity to develop an abiding sense of history, a habit of philosophical and critical inquiry, high literacy, aesthetic comprehension, and the imagination necessary in an educated citizenry to create and preserve the economic, political, philanthropic, social, and cultural well-being of our society. Moreover, we believe that a significant section of that citizenry should be made up of historians, philosophers, teachers, writers, artists, filmmakers, performers, and musicians whose work in the broadest sense is to deepen thought and heighten sense. We cherish these values and work each day to communicate them to others.

Randy Hendricks


Mission Statement

The College of Arts and Humanities is charged with the responsibility of providing instruction not only to students majoring in traditional arts and humanities disciplines, but also for providing general education components of business and education programs. It does so with the realization that in order to prepare students to face the ever-changing, complex society in which we live, it is necessary to do more than teach them a number of facts and train them in a variety of skills. The faculty of the College of Arts and Humanities is dedicated to providing an education that will enable students to meet the future, not merely to live in the present...

The University of West Georgia's College of Arts and Humanities is committed to the academic success of our students.

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Want to write, direct, and even STAR in your own short film this summer? Join us for the School of The Arts Film Camp at UWG!

School of The Arts


The School of the Arts (SOTA) at the University of West Georgia houses the departments of Music, Art, and Theatre, along with programs in Film Studies and Creative Writing. In addition, SOTA sponsors its own events on and off campus, and facilitates a number of arts-based initiatives in the surrounding schools and communities.