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Faculty/Employee Checkout Procedures

Fulltime Benefited Employee Checkout Procedures

  1. When faculty terminate (terminate, retire, resign) employment with the university, they need to “check out” with different offices around campus.  Converted to an electronic notification system in 2006, departments are asked to notify offices on campus of the pending departures of faculty or staff using the web form on the HR web page, URL  (Do NOT use this website for leaving Student Assistants or Casual Labor employees, only benefited employees.)  The department should submit the notification as soon as they learn that a faculty/staff member will leave or retire.  Enter the dates for departure, department, position title, email address and additional information as needed. The webpage forwards the information to all necessary offices on campus, at one time, of the pending departure.  The information is sent to the Offices of HR, Dean, VPAA, Library, Public Safety and ITS.  Departments such as Public Safety and the Library will need to declare that the leaving party does not have any outstanding fees or fines.  Other offices will assist with the return of borrowed electronic equipment and eliminating computer access. 
  2. At the same time, the department will also submit the resignation/retiring letter and the separation PAR for approval.  Send the separation PAR to the Dean’s Office to initiate the necessary HR paperwork for the individual’s departure.
  3. The leaving employees are asked to submit their office/building keys, gated parking access cards, grade books (paper and electronic), all non-returned final exams and papers (to the department), paper copies of submitted final grades, and UWG ID card (to Dean).  (The department secretary is asked to return the parking access card to Public Safety)
  4. Email accounts are regularly surrendered as employees leave, but leaving faculty may choose to extend the life of their email account.  Leaving faculty should contact Tammy Crews, ITS, to discuss their needs.

Employee Checkout Form