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Full Time Faculty

Approval to Search

    1.    Submit a faculty Critical Hire to the Dean's Office - find the form HERE

  • The Critical Hire is signed by the Dean or Associate Dean and forwarded to the Provost
  • The Provost approves the Critical Hire and sends a e-copy to the Dean's Office
  • The Dean's Office forwards the e-copy to the department - approval to start the search is final

Beginning the Search

    2.    The PVA and Applicant Clearinghouse Forms

  • As soon as the approved Critical Hire is received the department will need to contact Human Resources in order to obtain and submit the Applicant Clearinghouse Form (ACH form)
    • Contact Vickey Pollard in Human Resources to request the ACH and PVA forms along with return envelopes (Return envelopes are for the last page of the PVA form that is mailed out in the letter of acknowledgement to all candidates)
    • Fill out the ACH form and return it to HR (note the date - The position has to be posted with the Applicant Clearinghouse for at least 10 days before an offer can be made.  Positions are usually posted with the Clearinghouse the day after the ACH form is submitted to HR.)
  • Fill out a job announcement with HR
  • Post an announcement on the department's web page
  • Send a copy of the announcement to the dean to be posted to a national publication

    3.    Collecting Materials and Acknowledging Candidates

  • Collect:
    (1) The candidate's Vita  (2) All official transcripts  (3) Three letters of reference
  • Send to each candidate:
    (1) A letter of acknowledgement stating that materials were received  (2) The Applicant Data Sheet - from PVA form  (3)  A return envelope

    4.    The Interview Process

  • The department selects a committee
  • The committee members attend required training
  • The committee obtains candidate materials from the departmental assistant, contacts and interviews candidates, and makes a recommendation to the department chair
    • At the time of the interview have each candidate fill out a banner form. Find the form HERE.

    5.    The Final Hiring Package

            When a candidate is identified to fill the position the department submits the following items to the Dean's Office:

  • The VPAA Cover Page - find the form HERE
  • Banner Form - fully completed at the time of the interview including CRN number and course appreviation and number.
    (if course information changes this detail can be worked out by contacting the Registrar's Office)
  • Personnel Action Request (PAR)
  • Authorization for Employment (ATE)
  • Budget Transfer with Fringe Included (BT)
  • Copy of Approved Critical Hire
  • Graduate Faculty Application (GFA) - if applicable
  • Affirmative Action Report (AA Report)
    (Contact Vickey Pollard in HR with the PVA # in order to obtain the information for the report.)
  • Applicant Clearinghouse Form (ACH)
  • Three Letters of Reference
  • Vita
  • All Official Transcripts (with initialed envelopes)

Approval to Hire

     6.    Once the final hiring package is received in the Dean's Office the following actions occur:

  • The ATE is forwarded to the Provost along with the Advance Banner Form, a Draft Letter of Offer, the Budget Transfer and copies of the transcripts and vita
  • The approved ATE is returned to the Dean's Office with revisions to the Draft Letter of Offer (other documents may also contain revisions)
  • The department receives a scan of the approved ATE upon receipt

Final Paperwork Routing

    7.    When the approved ATE is received in the Dean's Office the following actions occur:

  • The Dean's Office sends out a Final Letter of Offer (FLO) to the candidate along with the Security Questionnaire, Authorization Form for Consumer Reports, and Relocation Agreement (if relocation is included on the original ATE)
  • The Signed Letter of Offer (SLO) is received from the candidate along with the additional documents forwarded with the Final Letter of Offer
  • The hiring package is forwarded to the Provost in the following order
    • VPAA Cover Page
    • Banner Form
    • PAR
    • ATE
    • SLO
    • Security Questionnaire
    • Authorization Form for Consumer Reports
    • Information Sheets
      • BT
      • Copy of Critical Hire
      • GFA
    • AA Report
    • ACH
    • 3 Letters of Reference
    • Vita
    • Transcripts (with initialed envelopes)