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Meg Pearson

Meg Pearson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor & Chair

Phone: 678-839-6512 | Fax: 678-839-4849

Email:  megp@westga.edu

Office: Technology Learning Center 2234

Hours: Fall 2015: W 2-5pm and by appt.
Writing Center: T 2-4 pm

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Dr. Meg Pearson teaches early modern literature, primarily from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in England. Her research focuses on early modern drama (especially non-Shakespearean), visual culture, and John Milton.


  • B.A., English, University of Georgia, 1996
  • M.A., English Language & Literature, University of Maryland, 2001
  • Ph.D., English Language & Literature, University of Maryland, 2006

Courses and Sections

  • Courses Taught
    • ENGL-2120 (British Literature)    
    • ENGL-4106 (Studies in Genre-The Epic)    
    • ENGL-4115 (Renaissance Literature)    
    • ENGL-4120 (Seventeenth-Century Brit Lit)    
    • ENGL-4188 (Shakespeare and Pedagogy)    
    • ENGL-4386 (Internship)    
    • ENGL-5106 (Studies in Genre-The Epic)    
    • ENGL-5115 (Renaissance Literature)    
    • ENGL-5120 (Seventeenth-Century Brit Lit)    
    • ENGL-6105 (Seminar in British Lit I)    
  • Fall 2015 Sections
    • ENGL-6105 (Seminar in British Lit I) Section: 01   [View Syllabus]
  • Spring 2015 Sections
    • ENGL-4120 (Seventeenth-Century Brit Lit) Section: 01W   [View Syllabus]
    • ENGL-4386 (Internship) Section: 02
    • ENGL-4386 (Internship) Section: 03
    • ENGL-5120 (Seventeenth-Century Brit Lit) Section: 01
  • Fall 2014 Sections
  • Summer 2014 Sections
    • ENGL-4188 (Shakespeare and Pedagogy) Section: 01W   [View Syllabus]
  • Spring 2014 Sections
    • ENGL-2120 (British Literature) Section: 02   [View Syllabus]
    • ENGL-4106 (Studies in Genre-The Epic) Section: 01W   [View Syllabus]
    • ENGL-4115 (Renaissance Literature) Section: 01W   [View Syllabus]
    • ENGL-5106 (Studies in Genre-The Epic) Section: 01   [View Syllabus]
    • ENGL-5115 (Renaissance Literature) Section: 01   [View Syllabus]