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Mission Statement

The fundamental mission of the College of Arts and Sciences resides in our responsibility to educate majors, minors, and graduate students in a wide variety of disciplines in the humanities, fine and performing arts, and social sciences, in the physical, life, and applied sciences, and in mathematics, as well as in our role as providers of a strong, thorough core-level education for all students at the University.

To fulfill this responsibility, the College hires and supports a superlative faculty. This community of scholar/artist-teachers values the integration of teaching and scholarship and models that integration for students. To assist faculty in bringing scholarship and creative activity into their teaching, the College offers

Supported consistently by the College, faculty become a significant resource for intellectual growth and sustained creative activity not only in students but also in the community. World-class faculty writers, artists, scholars, and musicians inspire students as mentors and role-models, often sharing with them colleagues from other campuses and areas of the country and including students in performances and projects. Through such rich collaboration, excellence becomes the College culture.

Only by fulfilling this central responsibility to educate can we foster an environment for students, colleagues, and citizens in which academic freedom and responsibility flourish in a community of learning and shared governance. Through such an atmosphere, we honor our fundamental commitment to broader core values of a College of Arts and Sciences

In teaching the University System of Georgia’s Core Curriculum, we emphasize

In our majors and minors, which serve the largest number of bachelor’s-degree-seeking students on campus, we stress

Attracting graduate students from our own undergraduates and from other institutions across the country and the world, the broad variety of master’s-level programs and select doctoral programs housed within the College offer students advanced instruction grounded in the traditions of scholarship and the advancing of knowledge through research activities. To this end, we offer

By carrying out this mission to achieve our vision for the College, we can best contribute to the goal of preeminence as a unified, clearly focused University articulated in West Georgia’s mission statement. The University’s stated values of providing an education grounded in a strong liberal arts curriculum and disciplinary rigor can be achieved only through a strong and strongly supported College of Arts and Sciences. Only through such strength can we help create a populace of thoughtful, productive leaders and citizens ready to contribute to our global society.